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Jonny Andrews:

What’s up, peeps? Unfortunately we’re a little behind on this particular recording today and the reason for that is because I’m going to talk about something that I don’t think a lot of people, and I am included in this, are really paying a lot of attention to or doing. What that is is freaking taking care of yourself when it comes to the crazy stresses that you have going on. The reason this thing didn’t come out is because I was in a spot where there was absolutely no internet for about four days. I mean I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself for the first couple of hours and I was like, “You know what? This is awesome,” and so I just went and hung out on the beach. Let’s talk about the health factor, shall we? Let’s kick it off.

One of the things that I have seen a lot with author folk and entrepreneurs for the most part is this hustle and grind mentality. This concept of I’ll sleep when I’m dead. That’s cool I suppose, but not everyone has the ability or the desire to be a super hustler, constantly grinding like Gary Vaynerchuk. Love that guy. Watch all of his stuff. I suggest you do too. He’s got amazing tips and tricks and tidbits and just great advice in general. Here’s the reality, when it comes to most people, there’s this thing called life and there’s all sorts of things that happen in life and there is the overwhelming tendency to begin to neglect your health.

The problem is, and I’m constantly having to work with my wife on this when in fact I’d started off having to work with myself on this one, because I would just start going every single day. I would maybe get some coffee and just start working. Next thing you know it’s four o’clock. I haven’t put a single thing of food in my body and blood sugar gets low and I crash out. She does the same thing. I’m constantly saying, “Hey, hon, have you eaten? Let’s get some food in here, so you’ll feel better.” Here’s a better way to do this. It took me a long time to get to this point to where I really understood the benefit of it. You are you’re own engine. Think about this. You take care of your car, right, because your car is a thing that gets you from point A to point B.

In this day and age, it’s kind of like a necessity to have that, and your body is the same thing. What’s connected to your body is your brain. Your brain is the thing that’s driving all this, all the mindsets, all of the beliefs, all of the cool ideas you come up with, and all the implementation plans and stuff like that. It starts in your brain. Well, if you’re neglecting your body, your brain is going to suffer. If you don’t put the right food in your body, your brain is going to suffer. Now back in the day when I weighed almost 300 pounds, this was a long time ago, it’s been a crazy long journey, I could go and eat something from like McDonald’s. I could literally feel the negative ramifications of that food on my brain.

I could feel myself becoming dumb after I ate it. It was the weirdest thing, but it happened consistently and it took years because I was like, “I love how this stuff tastes,” to be like, “You know what? Maybe taste isn’t as important.” I needed to be able to form like a coherent thought. After eating like a full meal over there, it was no longer possible for me. Then it turned out later that I developed diabetes and all sorts of different things like that, which I have since reversed and gotten off all the meds and get checked in with the doctor regularly and the blood sugars are great. Body fat percentage is lowest it’s literally been since I was probably in junior high. All sorts of stuff.

I mean there’s all sorts of good things happening, but it didn’t start until probably six, seven years ago. I’ve had a bunch of fall starts on that. It kind off the lag into this, that, the other thing. I’m not saying you’re going to be perfect, but my point in all of this and I’ll get to the whole go to the beach, not doing the internet thing in a second, but the point behind all of this is if you’re neglecting your physical health, your mental health is going to suffer because of that. Your mental health, your emotional health, all of these things are what drive you. That’s what makes you work.

I would very strongly recommend that you start a daily physical exercise ritual because it’s been scientifically proven that you are a better version of yourself, you produce higher levels of output that are just way more quality when you’re moving. Tony Robbins says that a lot. Motion creates emotion. You can pull yourself out of a funk. If you’re having a bad day, go get some exercise. It literally helps. Go walk in nature. Go do something. If you can’t, just move your body and it’s going to change things for you. Now the same thing could be said for a vacation because I don’t typically take them. I typically work seven days a week.

Now I don’t neglect my family at all because I have created a life for myself where I am able to take the kids to school, to pick them up, to hang out because I have built and spent years of my life building a team that supports me so that I am not the alpha and the omega of my entire business. That’s a good thing for you to do too, but it does take a long time. We’ve been through a ton of things, been through a ton of people and even right there, those things create stress. If you’re not eating in a way that’s going to make you healthy, I’m not saying that you have to be perfect with it, I’m not saying you can’t have a beer every now and then or something like that, but if you’re just jamming your body full of crap, it’s going to hurt you.

It will come out. It will damage you and it will prevent you from reaching the level that you’re looking for. It’s the same thing. Another huge one is sleep. Get some sleep. Now I know and I’ve been in this situation. I’m in this current situation because I have a kid who’s under three is that that can be kind of difficult sometimes with children. Do your best and especially if it’s a nap. This is something that I have … Like I said, I’m working with my whole family on it. Definitely working with the wife on it is to be like, “Hon, let’s get some food in us and then we can go tackle those problems.” What was amusing about this is is I started to realize that this was correct that if you’re going to do something, you got to put fuel in your body so you can get there.

Because if you constantly drive your car on empty, if you never changed the oil or anything like that, you’re just going to blow through that vehicle. It’s the same thing with your body. If you’re not putting food in your body, and you’re trying to get somewhere, you’re going to end up crashing out, and it’s going to damage some stuff, and you’re not going to feel good. You’re writing depends on it. Your backend business depends on it. Your clients, if you have them, they depend on that. They depend on you being the best person you are. It’s very important. Make sure you’re eating. Make sure you’re keeping your blood sugar stable. I know from personal experience, don’t mess that up. It’s important.

Because back in the day when I had my little affliction, I guess you never really get over it, but it can be very problematic to your emotional well-being too. In fact, that’s a huge thing is if you’re not eating right, if your blood sugar’s off or things are happening to you, your emotional state is not going to be in the healthiest spot. It really won’t. It can do a lot of damage to everything that you have going for you. Take care of yourself and also take a break. This is super important. We just got back from the Cayman Islands with a group of friends of ours and it was an absolute hoot. Amusingly enough, the internet was just basically not there.

I was able to hop on every now and then when we got to the condo, but other than that, letting the team handle stuff and everything ran perfectly. I was so happy about that because we have good people. If you’re not at a point where you can really do that, I will even do something called a staycation. This is crazy, but very early on in my marriage, this is what my wife and I would do is we would literally just go and stay at a hotel in downtown Chicago for just one night and just not be on our phones or our computers and just hang out together because that’s another huge one. There’s you and your significant other or your spouse or whoever you’re with, it’s important that you spend time together because that is another piece of this.

It’s sort of like your emotional state. You have to monitor that and take care of yourself. Because if you’re not taking care of yourself and I said this before, everything kind of slide out sideways. One way to do this, one way to really make sure that you’re getting what needs to happen and I learned this from doing this Wake Up Warrior thing, which was a super awesome event. Really loved it. What I learned from this and I’ve mentioned this in the previous one, but what are your daily micro actions?

What are those minimum things that you do? What are those little bitty things that you do each day that’s going to take care of your relationship, that’s going to take care of your eating, that’s going to take care of your physical movement and it’s going to take care of … Another wonderful thing is take care of your knowledge, but we’ll talk about that later because it doesn’t perfectly wrap into this. Are you getting enough sleep? Maybe take a 15 minute nap everyday. Maybe meditate. Something like that, but do something everything single day that is going to really ramp up your nutrition. If you do nothing else, a green smoothie is a great idea. Once again, not a phenomenally original idea.

I picked it up from the Wake Up Warrior guys. Amazing stuff. I’m like, “All right. I’ll do the green smoothie,” and I don’t do it perfectly. Here’s what’s crazy about this. I love vegetables, but for some reason it just makes it kind of difficult to like get them in. I just cram like a half pound of spinach and I say, “I’ll drink more vegetables in a single green smoothie than a couple years ago I would eat in an entire month.” It’s insane. You feel it. It feels a lot better. I’m not talking about juicing because that’s all sugar and obviously I’m not a big fan of sugar. I got to be careful with that. Maybe you are too, but do something like that. Then get out and get some movement. You don’t need to do anything radical and that’s the beauty of this.

If you’re off in some way, look at what are the micro things, these little micro movements that you can do on a daily basis to create these little bitty ninny rituals. I like to do them early in the morning. Like I’ll be making my daughter’s lunch because she’s going to go off to first grade. I’ll just take care of a couple of things right there. Then immediately after she’s out the door, I go to the gym. Go workout with a trainer and I make sure that I lift something heavy and then move my body. I’ll jump on the StairMaster because I’m kind of crazy and I like it. I think it’s probably the most useful thing I’ve ever done, but then also get your strength training in. Now you don’t need to workout two hours a day or anything like that.

You absolutely don’t have to. I’m challenging myself because when you come from weighing over 300 pounds and being a type 2 diabetic because of you’re own stupid choices, you tend to look at the world, “You know what? How do we not go back down that road?” That’s what I’m doing right now. Five to six days a week I’m in the gym doing that stuff. It has worked out great and I just monitor what I eat and make sure I don’t go crazy. If I want to have a little piece of something every now and then, guess what? I do. I feel amazingly better. I also save time and work on the emotional health. If something’s going on in my head, I get some moment going or I do some meditation or I figure out what to do. Look for healthy alternatives to things that can damage you.

Let’s do a quick recap. All right? This whole trip that I just got back from really brought it into focus. That it is super important to take time for yourself, to take time for your loved ones. Another thing you can do is show gratitude. That’s a huge thing. I spend a lot of time over this weekend trying to not be over the top because that gets a little creepy, but just being very grateful, being honest about how excited I was to be on this thing where I brought in tuna. It was crazy. I went fishing. Never done that before. That was just amazing. The entire thing was amazing. Show gratitude. Show gratitude. Take time for yourself. If you can’t do anything, like a big thing, do a little thing.

Go find some place where it’s just you and whoever else, or just you. Just go be alone or go be in nature. Just take a day. During these days, take an hour to do something for yourself that’s going to reset you and get you going. Above all else, don’t freaking skip healthy nutritious food. That is so massive and it’s true what they say, you want to lose weight? It’s like 80% diet, 20% exercise. That is 100% true. Eat good stuff. It will help you with the short term, the medium, and the long run. Very important. All right? I just wanted to talk about this so it’s not directly about like how to make money with books or your backend stuff, but then again it kind of is because doing these kinds of things …

This is the kind of stuff that when done consistently over the course of time, you are going to notice radical positive changes happening in your life, in your creativity, and in your ability to just sort of cognitively workout what’s going on. The last piece of this, the absolute last piece of this, the one thing you have to avoid like the plague is negativity, complaining. Don’t do it. This is so hard for so many people because so many people are in this … I mean the media’s feeding all this crap. There’s all sorts of stuff out there that just fuels this negativity and there’s fear and things like that. Listen, it doesn’t have to be that way. It really doesn’t. I think just the mental health of avoiding complaining.

If you can work on that one thing and I don’t know how to do it. I really don’t because I’m not a big complainer. I really never have been. It might be because my parents stopped listening to me when I’m being … From an early childhood. I could probably thank them for that, but I never really grew into complaining. I don’t talk negatively about other people, not the gossip. I really try to stay away for all that stuff because it’s toxic. It would literally be like I feel like it’s the emotional equivalent of drinking a gallon of gasoline. It’s just not healthy at all. That would be the last piece is avoid negativity. If you find that maybe you’re slipping into that, I guess google some things on this.

I probably should have come to this a little bit more prepared like, “Here’s a solution,” but I don’t know what it is because you have to recognize when you’re doing it. You have to recognize when you might be slipping into something whether it’s a complaint or a blame or something like that. Take responsibility. Be accountable. Don’t complain about things. Because what happens is when you focus on that stuff, you train your brain to constantly focus on it. There’s an interesting thing that’s happened. I remember that back in the day, I was very focused on the problems I was having. There’s a different way to look at this and it’s not that you aren’t aware of your problems.

What you do is instead of focusing on the problems because you know what the problems are, focus on the solutions to those problems. That’s going to help you in a lot of ways sort of like access that higher thinking that happens when you do things, if you start meditating or you start taking naps or you start eating correctly, if you start focusing on the solutions to your problems rather than the fact that you have problems. Because think about this, if you just focus on the problem, you focus on the problem and all sorts of people have said this before, but it’s very true, what you focus on expands. If you focus on the issue, that issue is going to get bigger and create anxiety and all sorts of things in your mind.

You’re not failing at this if something bad happens and you have a negative emotional reaction or even a negative physical reaction, whatever it is, that’s okay. You’re going to react. What you want to do is recognize that and then don’t let yourself go too far down that rabbit hole. Maybe get some exercise to get your head thinking about how to solve it, how do you fix it because every problem brings with it … This is so true. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t figured this out for myself. Every problem brings with it like a MAC truck filled with opportunity. It’s crazy. Because as they say, sometimes when a door shuts, 300 more open, but you have to train yourself to see that happening.

It takes a while. It does. Don’t give up on that. All this stuff takes a while. Nothing I’ve talked about today is just like you wake up in the morning like, “Oh yeah. Totally. We’re going to nail this. It’s going to be awesome.” That’s not how it works. It takes time. It takes micro movements. It takes micro daily rituals. It takes a stacking of little bitty things that turns you into the person who then can do this. It’s a journey and it’s a never ending one. Eventually if you keep it up, you’re going to look behind you one day and go, “Holy crap. Look at where I came from,” and everything’s going to be different. If you focus on the problems, if you complain, if you don’t take care of yourself, and if you don’t take time for yourself, then yes, it’s true.

You’ll be in the same place or worse than you in a year from now. That’s just kind of my advice to you and it really took kind of going on this trip to realize, “Oh, I’ve been doing this. I should talk about it because it’s completely changed my life in every way that I can think of.” I highly recommend doing all of this. All right? There we have it. Thank you for tuning in. Please make sure do this stuff, especially this stuff because it’s going to open up worlds of possibility for. Especially stop complaining, don’t get negative, and focus on the solution rather than the problem.

If you would start there and just train yourself to do that, you’re going to be way ahead the vast majority. All right? Jonny Andrews, I’ll see you in the next one.

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